Dongguan Nick Food Co.,LTD.

The 8th Private Label Fair

China's only retail private brand themed "The 8th Private Label Fair" opened on nov 28, 2017. In the enterprises of the whole country at present already has more than 80% into its private label,its development speed is further speed up the situation.DONGGUAN NICK FOOD CO.,LTD. has been committed to creating a private brand focusing on producting pure cocoa butter chocolate, and taking this exhibition as an opportunity to show our brand and production at home and abroad, and through this form to achieve exchanges and learning from various parties.


At the exhibition, there were many buyers who came to consult.

图片6.png 图片6.png

Different from previous sessions, this year, 7 awards were issued for the first "China Private Label Fair Selection", and "China Private Label Status Report" was issued.


From now on,we believe that private label is a magic weapon to win the fierce competition. DONGGUAN NICK FOOD CO.,LTD.which has always focused on the pure cocoa butter chocolate, ingenuity, growth in learning, in the growth of excellence.



Nov.30, 2017

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