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Pure cocoa butter &Cocoa butter replacer &Cocoa butter equivalent

Do you take a look at the list of ingredients on the packaging when choosing chocolates or chocolate products on a weekday basis? Although there are a wide variety of chocolate brands, some people find the three terms "pure cocoa butter", "cocoa butter replacer" and "cocoa butter equivalent" in the ingredients list.


We all know what pure cocoa butter is; For cocoa butter, maybe a lot of people just know that it has a lot of trans fatty acids; So what exactly is cocoa butter? Although there are three words "cocoa butter", but in essence, there is a huge difference, today we will have a good popular science.


Pure cocoa butter (CB)

Cocoa butter is a kind of very unique natural oil extracted from cocoa liquid. Cocoa butter contains almost all the benefits of various vegetable oils to such an extent that no other oils have been found to be comparable. The melting point of cocoa butter in 35 , thus can rapidly melting in your mouth, and during this time will not let a person feel greasy. And because of the natural cocoa aroma, has become the ideal special fat for making chocolate.Cocoa butter is mainly used in the making of chocolate, or dilute thick, dry chocolate products.


Cocoa butter is rich in polyphenols, antioxidant and anti-aging. Cocoa butter, meanwhile, is rich in stearic acid, which lowers cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, the content of cocoa butter is also known as the gold content of chocolate. The higher the content of cocoa butter in chocolate, the more pure and full-bodied the flavor and the softer the taste.


Advantage: cocoa butter is known to have chemical properties as a stable edible oil, contains natural antioxidants, with a shelf life of up to 2 to 5 years. The melting point of cocoa butter in 34 ~ 38 , so that the chocolate able to is a solid at room temperature, but can be quickly melt in your mouth.

Disadvantage: cocoa butter from 27.7 gradually begin to melt, arrived at 35 , almost all melted into liquid, plastic range too short, making the process of making chocolate for the temperature control is particularly strict.

Health index:★★★★★

Classification: depending on the production and process, cocoa butter can be divided into the following two types:

① Pure cocoa butter: cocoa butter is a light yellow color and has a natural cocoa aroma, generally used in chocolate, cakes and other food production.

② Deodorization cocoa butter: deodorization cocoa butter is based on the natural cocoa butter, through physical removal of impurities, odor and color in cocoa butter. Therefore, deodorant cocoa butter is bright lemon yellow and has no cocoa aroma. Deodorant cocoa butter is commonly used in the production of high-end cosmetics, drugs, and is rarely used in food processing.


Cocoa butter replacer(CBR)

Cocoa butter replacer is a kind of artificial stearin that can melt quickly. Like margarine and milk powder, it is a kind of trans fatty acid. Although CBR is chemically different from natural cocoa butter, its physical properties are very similar to those of natural cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is also known as non-temperature-regulated stearin because it is made without adjusting the temperature.


CBR contains extremely rich, the human body difficult to digest the plant protein and synthetic fat, and methionine, saponins, purine and trans fatty acids, excessive consumption can cause indigestion, hardening of the arteries, prompting harm health adverse reactions, such as gout attacks of trans fatty acids is one of the cause of alzheimer's disease. As a result, health experts also call CBR a "chronic killer."

Health index:

Classification: CBR can be processed with different types of raw materials, which can be divided into lauric acid stearin and non-lauric acid stearin.

① Lauric acid cocoa butter replacer

This kind of CBR is mainly made from palm kernel oil of lauric acid oil, which has been selectively hydrogenated, and then extracted parts that are close to the physical properties of natural cocoa butter, and finally refined.

Advantage:When making chocolate, there is no need to adjust the temperature, the production process is simplified, the crystallization is quick and the residence time in the cooling device is short.

Disadvantage:The lauric acid cocoa butter replacer is easy to hydrolyze, and the hydrolysis will make chocolate produce bad soap taste, thus affecting the taste. Poor compatibility with natural cocoa butter, such as high content, will affect the taste of finished products.


Non-lauric acid cocoa butter replacer

This type of CBR is more complex to produce, using non-lauric acid oil, such as soybean oil, cottonseed, rice bran oil, through hydrogenation or selective hydrogenation into stearin, then using solvent crystallization to extract the physical properties close to the natural cocoa butter, after the catalyst and deodorant made.

Advantage:Compared with the lauric acid cocoa butter replacer, it has better compatibility with the natural cocoa butter and is cheaper.

Disadvantages: the highest melting point close to 40 , to melt slowly in the mouth, with obvious waxy texture, with natural cocoa butter has a bigger difference.


Cocoa butter equivalent(CBE)

As food processing improved, a new chocolate ingredient, CBE, became more popular than traditional cocoa butter. Although broadly speaking, CBE is still a cocoa butter replacer, not real chocolateit is a natural vegetable oil that is more artificial than the pure cocoa butter.


CBE is produced from butter nuts, palm oil, boro fat and mango fat. Therefore, CBE itself does not have the trans fatty acids of conventional CBR. In addition, on the molecular structure, the type of CBE with the three glycerol fatty acid composition and characteristics of natural cocoa butter is very close to, in 30 ~ 35 , its taste is almost consistent with that of natural cocoa butter. In making chocolate,CBE is sufficiently viscous, hard, liquid and coated.

Advantages: compared with natural cocoa butter, CBE is not easy to cream, which extends the fresh-keeping of the product to some extent. Compared with traditional CBR, CBE contains no trans fatty acids and is soluble in the mouth and tastes better.

 Disadvantages: CBE does not contain natural cocoa butter stearic acid and polyphenols, so there is no health benefits of natural cocoa butter.

 Health index:★★★☆ 

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