Dongguan Nick Food Co.,LTD.

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Type of business Milk Chocolate ,Dark chocolate,White Chocolate,and OEM
Brand Oushifu
Established in 2016
  • Dongguan Nick Food Co.,Ltd

Dongguan Nick Food Co.,Ltd was founded in 2016, the company is led by senior engineers who have many years of experience in the design of pure fat chocolate workshop. It has designed and built a special workshop for the production with constant temperature, humidity, pressure and cleanliness. It has adopted the most advanced automatic sterilization system and industrial automatic production line. Employees are not allowed to touch the product directly by hand, which eliminates the cross-contamination between human hands and products and ensures the safety of food.

The company mainly deals in high-end pure fat chocolate with various flavors and shapes. There are senior engineers and management personnel who have more than ten years of experience in the industry. In addition, it has passed HACCP, BRC, SMETA and other international certifications, and has reached the highest standards of food factories in Europe and America.

The company strives to grasp the market at home and abroad, constantly innovate, improve the performance-price ratio of products, and pay attention to the sustainable development, making people enjoy the great flavor chocolate. We always firmly believe that "A handy tool makes a handy man".

Since our establishment,we keep holding the principle of "Sustainable Development,Quality First " business philosophy.From food expertise and stringent process capability to the scinetific point of view,professional,complete equipment,and strict quality control to provide customers with the most valuable products and grasp the unique market position .Professional service and high quality products are unanimously recommended and affirmed by the domestic and foreigh companies.

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